Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra A well-organized layout of your home can lead to a lifetime of happiness. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Vastu Shastra helps us in this. Inquisitive Vastu Science optimistically encompasses all the forces acting at a given place through the flow of energy. Applying the right Vastu tips will help you get a perfect blueprint to attract prosperity to the natives and ward off all the negative vibes. Originating in India, it has spread around the world, whereby people take care of the directions and placement of certain things before construction.

Vastu Shastra also helps in promoting suitable vibrations that the place has and nullifies any evil eye cast on it. Anyone who comes in contact with that particular place also gets infused with the same vibes, leading to a healthier inner-self, mind, body and soul. In ancient days, Hindus and Buddhists believed in making things according to Vastu. However, in the modern era, almost all communities have adopted Vastu science in astrology to attract positivity and well-being in their lives.

As per Vastu, entering a place which is not built according to Vastu makes you a victim of many problems. For example, you may feel suffocated, attract negative energy of the place, become unwell, feel suffocated, have emotional troubles etc. Getting a Vastu compliant home helps in eliminating all these issues and gives you a better experience in many ways.

How does Vastu Shastra work?

Vastu Shastra works on three important principles of structures which cover the entire base. The first and foremost is Bhogadya. It shows that the designed premises should lend themselves to comfortable application and should be helpful. The second is Sukh Darshan. In this, the organized belief must be aesthetically pleasing. The division of spaces and the raw materials used in the exterior and interior of the building, including the color, the shape of the doors and windows, the rooms, and the rhythm of the pits and projections, should be beautiful. The last one is Ramya. This is where the compound formed should create a sense of well-being in the native.

Furthermore, Vastu believes that the two main forces are equally present and opposite. This interaction together forms a bio-force-prana, which a native needs to live. One of these forces is subtle and subtle, while the other is dense and dark. In other words, we can say that one force is positive and the other force is negative. Of course, the intensity of these forces creating the architecture of a place may not be the same. But, the interaction of these forces goes on continuously.

history of architecture

In Indian civilization, Vastu Shastra is one of the oldest practices. Since ages, it has been helping people in their rich heritage and developed discipline using traditional knowledge and study of nature. People were removing the negative energy from their life by using the force of gravity along with magnetic force. During creation, people use all these elements to nurture their lives and make things better spiritually.

five elements of vastu shastra

Vastu Shastra is made up of five elements. They have their own specific meaning and role. Along with this, their work capacity in Vastu Shastra is immense.

Earth Land)

Bhoomi or the Earth has its own magnetic force and is made up of centers of attraction – the North and South Poles. Made from landscapes, flora, fauna and land, it provides local construction raw materials as well as their functionality. Hence, Bhoomi Pujan is performed to remove negative energy from the land construction that needs to be done.

water (water)

It is represented by river, sea, rain and other water bodies as well as other forms of water. Furthermore, it is made from every animal and plant part. Also, physical life and habitat represent water. Therefore, it is valid for all ecological cultures and life forms. Forms, patterns and life forms depend on the relationship between water and earth.

air (air)

It represents a life-supporting element. Composed of many elements along with dust particles, humidity etc., divided in proper proportion. It is also related to the surface of the whole body through the skin, blood, system and respiration. In addition, it also signifies movement, and its purity is one of the most important aspects of good mind, body and blood.

agni (fire)

It reflects heat and the sun is believed to be its main source. From the concept of day and night to the seasons, the Sun is an excellent source of enthusiasm, vigor and passion. It provides mental well-being to the native and is a major energy source. It also provides visual development and behaves as a great source of vitality. Different regions with variable climates have distinctive cultures, and the sun contributes to their natural progress.

space (sky)

The elements described above are emotionally pleasurable, intellectually deterministic shelters and efficient habit builders. These elements provide physical comfort and blissful space – with forces, heat, light, magnetic fields, flora and fauna etc. All of these create an ideal habitat to live in abundance and grow accordingly.

As Vastu Shastra works on these following elements, a person can improve the effectiveness of positive energy in his life by removing Vastu related issues or Vastu Dosha.

Vastu directions and their effects
Each direction and its effect on Vastu Shastra has its own significance and importance.

East direction

Sun is the master of the east direction. The natives should remember to keep the east direction open and let the light sink in as it will attract prosperity and affluence. Disputes arise between father and son if there is any dispute regarding the east direction and there are many other problems related to health.

West direction

In Vastu Shastra, Shani is the lord of the west direction. If there is a problem in the west, the electrical equipment will not work properly. Due to this, family members will complain of air-borne diseases and pain in legs and bones.

north direction

Mercury rules the North direction and signifies wealth, property and profits. If the direction is under negative energy, there can be problems like financial troubles, nose and throat diseases etc. Also, the natives may have to face constant obstacles.

south direction

Mars is the lord of the south direction. It deals with legal matters and relationships. So if any trouble or Vastu defect arises, then people may have to go through issues like obstruction in legal matters and problems with elder brothers. There is also a possibility that family members may also have blood related diseases.

North-East (Ishan) direction

Jupiter is the lord of this direction. It is considered to be the purest and most immaculate direction. According to Vastu Shastra, the northeast is ruled by the deities. People should remember that in this direction they do not get their washroom or keep dirty things or garbage. Any Vastu defect in this direction can cause loss of money and family problems. Married men and women may face problems in their marriage, and may also have other health issues.

north-west direction

Moon is the lord of North-West direction. If there are some problems, there are chances that people may have disputes with the neighbors and the health of the mother in the house will be bad most of the time. There is also a possibility that unmarried women may face delay in marriage. Along with this, there can be mental stress, cough, cold etc.

south-east (southeast) direction

Venus is the lord of the southeast direction and the lord of the fire element. That’s why it should be remembered to make kitchen in this direction. If there is Vastu Dosh in the South-East direction, then there will be continuous trouble in the house. There may be a decline in the health of the women of the house. Married couples will also feel trouble like misunderstanding, bickering and squabbles. Misunderstandings can also happen with the tenants. There could be other medical issues like uterus, diabetes etc.

southwest (southwest) direction

Rahu is the lord of the south-west direction. People should make their master bedroom in the southwest direction. If there is a defect in this direction, there can be problems related to Pitra Dosh and Pitra Paksha. Apart from this, the chances of theft also increase, and family members become victims of accidents, diseases, neurological issues, etc.

Brahma place

As the name suggests, Lord Brahma rules over it. The central part of your house is the Brahma Sthan and it should be kept spacious, accessible and clean. Here Vastu Dosh creates obstacles in life, and illness also occurs frequently in the family. If the situation worsens, the native may come under the influence of paranormal issues. Therefore, the Brahma place should be light and free.

Vastu Shastra and Astrology

The relation of Vastu and Astrology is eternal. Both the branches are interlinked and help people at face to face level. If one builds their home according to Vastu and incorporates astrological concepts like Shubh Muhurat, the combination attracts positivity and abundance. People will be able to drive away bad vibes and unwanted influences from their construction site.

Also, Vastu says that the north-east side of the construction site is the solar half, while the south-west is considered the lunar half. People should remember that the Sun half should be placed below the Moon half. It allows optimum division of sun rays, polar energy and solar radiation as well as joy, happiness and bliss at the proper time and place with the advice of an astrologer.

Importance of Vastu Shastra

People can do many things by using Vastu Shastra. Natives can find out the favorable and unfavorable results using Vastu Vidya. Along with this, it will also be helpful in determining the suitable length, width, direction etc. Along with this it also helps in the following ways:

It helps in carrying the cosmic energy to the living or working place. Also, you can easily harmonize the five elements of Vastu. Also, with suitable Vastu tips, you can be successful in education, career, finance and other endeavours.
With it, you will achieve love and harmony in relationships in various areas of your life.
Vastu is also important to overcome the issues present in your life. With appropriate Vastu, you can grow spiritually and improve yourself in many ways.
People can maximize their warmth in their living and construction sites as Vastu Shastra helps in doing so.
From home furniture to many decor items, you can change and correct the Vastu in your life.
Appropriate Vastu also ensures positive energy, abundance and free flow of positive energy in the lives of the natives.
Vastu assumes significance as it helps in channeling efficiency and creativity into a vibrant environment, infusing dynamism and harmony.
Appropriate approach of Vastu science combines all the natural energy sources and maximizes the sound effects.
Correcting Vastu defects also helps thousands of people who are facing troubles in daily life. Also, it helps them to overcome all the blockages and obstacles in life. It fixes their living space and makes people beings established in their own way.
Importance of Vastu in Modern Architecture
The present generation has started acknowledging the importance of the ancient construction practices prescribed by Lord Brahma including the five elements of nature. Incorporating Vastu science in today’s construction has helped people get the most out of economic and environmental scenarios. Along with this, people have started incorporating contemporary ideas with ancient ones to eliminate all the issues and troubles faced by people in their daily life.

Also, along with basic amenities, people also look for Vastu-specific places to attract health, wealth, peace and abundance. Thus, their main goal is to get a position that will help them grow in life.

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