astrology Zeus asteroid younger sex partner

astrology Zeus asteroid younger sex partner Astrology is a very complex and profound art form – full of subtlety and depth that can help illuminate many aspects of the human psyche, collective and the patterns occurring at any given time. While many astrologers focus primarily on the motions of the two luminaries—the Sun and the Moon—and the eight planets, some of the asteroids in our solar system have also become popular in analysis for both natal charts and astrological transits.

What are the major asteroids in astrology?

In astrology, asteroids are primarily named after Greek and Roman mythological figures, as they are believed to embody many of the archetypes contained in these stories. Many asteroids are named after female deities in an attempt to contrast the more obvious use of male-planet energy in our solar system. By including more and more dimensions of feminine power in the lens of astrology, we can make profound revelations about human nature and ourselves. Asteroids often bring more subtle reflections into one’s life, in contrast to the more dominant energies of the planets. While there are over a million asteroids in our solar system, there are only a few that many practicing astrologers pay attention to.

In general, how do asteroids affect your chart?

While it is important to recognize that asteroids have a strong affinity for inherently feminine energy, neither a celestial body, a zodiac sign, nor a planet actually possesses a gender. This means that all birth charts—regardless of one’s sex, gender, or identity—can still be influenced by all poles and vibrations of cosmic energy.

In the natal chart, based on the house, zodiac sign, and astrological aspects that an asteroid makes, this is how we will experience their energy on a very personal level. Just as the planets are frozen in snapshots of our births, so are the asteroids. One can see where their asteroids fall by consulting an astrologer or using an online calculator.

How do asteroids affect energy during transit?

When it comes to transits, depending on how each asteroid is moving through our chart, we’ll be able to see very subtle and sensitive moments surrounding the asteroid’s rule in that particular house. The same can be said if the asteroid is making an aspect to any significant point in our chart as well. However, because asteroids are not as powerful as a planet, the orbit of influence is often seen to be tighter when connecting to a birth point or planet. This is when we will see the greatest effect of manifestation.


As an asteroid of nourishment, Ceres is associated with the Greek goddess, Demeter, who lost her daughter Persephone to Hades, god of the underworld. Because of these stories, Ceres is often associated with maternal and earthly energy—as opposed to how the Moon is associated with maternal emotional energy. Ceres resonates with how we embrace self-care and self-nurture, as well as the care we feel we need from others. Sometimes Ceres can also reflect cycles of loss and return.


As an asterism of wisdom, Pallas was associated with the Greek goddess Athena. He possessed intellectual and warrior-like power, but often won battles through strategy as opposed to raw strength or brutality. This asterism shows how one approaches problem-solving and master-planning on the way to victory. This vibration empowers the warrior spirit within us and can also connect to creative thinking when we need to do so on our feet. Please share everywhere and follow me online for more daily horoscope.


As the asterism of commitment, Juno was associated with the Greek goddess, Hera—the wife of Zeus, the powerful but treacherous king of the gods. With its clear associations to marriage, weddings, and monogamy, Juno gives us insight into being in a relationship, as well as any traumas we may feel around personal attachment. Furthermore, this asteroid can at times reveal the traits that we would need in a long term partner. Please share everywhere and follow me online for more daily horoscope.


As an asterism of spirituality, Vesta was tied to the virgin goddess, Vesta, as well as the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome. The energy of this asteroid also shows where we are self-reliant and where we give complete surrender: to a cause, belief, person or project. It is often a deeply personal sense of inner light and how we surrender ourselves to that greater power – as well as its use as an inner fire to survive against all odds and pursue our true sense of authenticity. Let’s use Please share everywhere and follow me online for more daily horoscope.

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